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 General Template

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PostSubject: General Template   Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:23 am

Your General Template
Tips and Tricks.

Lets face it if I wasn't around this place might actually look like Pirate Nation Kidding! I wouldn't ever say that<< Anyways, this is your general template, it's actually super easy to use. I've laid it all out here for you anyways...<< HTML only codes. You know the rules. It's all pretty easy, and general. Everything is labeled when you copy and paste it. Your add ons can be found here, although if you hit the normal code, {most of the time, with the exception of the code, code, and quote, you will just but <> instead of []. Got it? Good.

testing testing  
<i>testing</i> <b>testing</b>
Smallest Use this for small indents, and starting sentences.
<span class="plotHeading">Smallest</span>

<span class="plotHeading1">Smaller</span>
<span class="plotHeading2">Small</span>
Big Title
<span class="plotHeading3">Big Title</span>
testing testing testing
<blockquote>testing <b>testing</b> <i>testing</i></blockquote>

Heres the code for the general template

<center><div class="plotBackground"><div class="plotHeader"><div class="plotTitle">topic title<div class="plotSub">sub heading</div></div></div><div class="plotInner"><div class="plotPattern"><div class="plotText">
Words for stuff go here. Hur hur dur dur
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General Template
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